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Does F1 need Ferrari?

It’s been a little while but Ferrari have decided it’s time for a good old “We’ll quit F1 if it goes ahead with this” threat but where before people would have decried Formula One without the prancing horse it seems this time that this threat is being dismissed by many as having real substance.

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Who is going to replace Rosberg? The Mercedes conundrum.

new-formula-one-world-champion-nico-rosbI have climbed my mountain, I am on the peak, so this feels right.


With these words Nico Rosberg threw the world of Formula One into chaos. After days of speculation that, in fact, his teammate Lewis Hamilton could be out on his ear after disobeying team orders repeatedly the revelation that the current F1 world champion was leaving the sport caused the fans and press to immediately being searching for his replacement. Mercedes have dominated the sport for the last 3 seasons, sweeping driver and constructors titles with ease. Their only fumbles seemed to come from within, a rigid hierarchy and suitably Germanic obedience to the dogma of “Team First” putting them at odds with their drivers and a seemingly bullet proof car in testing becoming less reliable as the season went on.

Now with probably the most sought after seat in F1 up for grabs Mercedes are left pondering whether the experiment of two top tier drivers has really worked out for them. After all Lewis and Nico were old friends, climbing the ladder of success from karting to formula one. If 18 years of friendship could be turned sour in a matter of races then what is the likelihood of two strangers being able to form a cohesive bond and still push equally for the drivers title AND deliver Mercedes more constructor glory?

Many names have been thrown around for the vacancy but lets look at them and work out how likely each switch could be..


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Why did Red Bull drop Kvyat for Verstappen?

One weekend you are on the podium – one race later you have been dropped by your team.  That’s what has happened to Daniil Kvyat – the one time big hopeful for Red Bull, a potential future champion.

This has been greeted with some surprise at the swiftness of the move, most reports claiming that Dr Helmut Marko has a short fuse and is not shy to cut drivers adrift if they do not meet his expectations.

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Formula One Qualification: You change, I change, we all change and then Australia happens…


So we may be a little late to the table with this article since I’m sure many other blogs will have covered the fall out from Australia in terms of the new qualy format. However this blog won’t be about why the new qualy format is bad, we all know why that is. Instead lets try and figure out what ways we could do qualification by either tweaking existing rules or coming up with new formats. Read Full Post…