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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 6 – Ep 10 – #F1Banter Only Positive Banter Allowed!

Sean and Andy are joined by Nicky Haldenby and the boys have only one simple task…..

Say something positive about every F1 driver on the grid!

As you might expect some were easier than others, some more begrudging than other and well, Sean gave up a couple of times as well!

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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 6 – Ep 8 – #F1Banter Ding, Ding! All aboard the Banter Bus!

Sean and Andy are joined but one but TWO special guests as we tackle the burning issue in formula one…. what exactly is Grosjeaning?

The crew start to define the F1 dictionary, decide who won the most undeserving 1st place in F1, th proposed new Miami Grand Prix and the new regulations for 2019

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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 6 – Ep 6 – #F1Banter – Banter voice activated!

Welcome everybody to the third episode of #F1Banter, part of the new look scheduling for The Last Lap Podcast!

#F1Banter is the show where we and our guests can talk about any aspect of F1, whether that’s a particular incident from a race, general F1 news or a specific topic that has the F1 world talking. Whatever F1 thinks is happening we’ll be talking about it. Read Full Post…