Marbula One Episode 5 – Greenstone

Welcome everybody to the eight episode of our Marbula One series!

Welcome everybody to the Last Lap Podcast! We’re bringing you all the action from the fifth round of the 2020 season of Marbula One from the Greenstone Ciruit!

One of the longest and most technical circuits on the calendar awaited our competitors as the teams travelled to the home of the Green Ducks, Greenstone. Would the league leaders assert their dominance once again? Which marbles would get to grips with the many corners and undulating surface of the track? Find out as we take you through all the big talking points of the race!

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    1. Hi Luke, if you have any ideas for interview skits then we’d love to try and use them in the show! Simply send an MP3 file with your audio in it (and if you want any voice acting added just include the script) to and we will see what we can do!

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