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Formula One Qualification: You change, I change, we all change and then Australia happens…


So we may be a little late to the table with this article since I’m sure many other blogs will have covered the fall out from Australia in terms of the new qualy format. However this blog won’t be about why the new qualy format is bad, we all know why that is. Instead lets try and figure out what ways we could do qualification by either tweaking existing rules or coming up with new formats. Read Full Post…

The Last Lap Podcast – Season 4 – Ep 2 – Australian GP

Australia default

It’s finally back! Formula one kicks back into action with the quirky Albert Park racetrack in Australia. An early start not just for the viewers but for the sport in general as we begin the season ever sooner with the additional races this year. We’ve had winter shake down to thoroughly confuse the situation but now the bluffing stops and the cars get the first chance to really race one another. Of course Australia has often thrown up weird winners and podium spots in the past so it;s not always the best track to get a feel about exactly how good cars will actually be when they get to more traditional circuits.


Read Full Post…

The Last Lap Podcast – Season 4 – Ep1 – F1 2016 Season Preview

A new season begins and with it the 4th series of the Last Lap Podcast. Andy and Sean return once again to provide comment and content on the wacky racing series of Formula one. This episode we preview the upcoming season including the new rules and regulations, each teams winter testing situation and the driver pairing for the upcoming season.

So whether you’re a died in the wool McLaren fan, a total Romain Grosjean nut, A Vettel loving Sucderia-head or even someone pining for the disappearance of Pastor Maldonado we’ve got you covered!


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