Marbula One Episode 8 – Midnight BAy

Welcome everybody to the eight episode of our Marbula One series!

Welcome everybody to the Last Lap Podcast! We’re bringing you all the action from the final round of the 2020 season of Marbula One from the Midnight Bay!

The final race of the season takes us to the home of long time Marble Racing stalwarts the Midnight Wisps and it couldn;t have been closer at the top with 5 different teams still capable of capturing the title. Did the Hazers capture the title? Could the Savagage Speeder or O’rangers overtake them for the title?Who would win the individual racer title? Could any of the other teams steal a result on their rivals with a good haul of points in the last lap of the last race? What’s happening in June and what exactly can you do with a little person, barb wire and 2kg of Viagra?

All this and more so tune in!

Midnight Bay – Home of the Midnight Wisps

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