The Last Lap Season 2 Episode 7 – Spanish GP Review/Monaco GP 2014 Preview


Season 2 Episode 7 of The Final Lap is now live, join us for the Seventh episode of the 2014 season! Ready for you to stream, download and subscribe to on Itunes!

The fifth grand prix rather lived up to previous seasons but Sean and Andy manfully tackle what action there was to talk about between the two mercs and who was best of the rest. With the jewel in F1’s crown coming up this weekend (or tomorrow in fact!) we take a look at who’s going to be King of Monaco this year as well as look at all the F1 news.

This Weeks episode sponsored by lack of sleep! I do really know all our web addresses, honest…

[mp3-jplayer Tracks="The Last Lap S2 Episode 7.mp3" Title="Last Lap S2 Ep7" Style="noscreen"]

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