Nominate The Last Lap Podcast for a UK Podcasters award!

Hello valued listeners! The Last Lap Podcast has the honour of being available for nomination for a UK Podcasters award, our very first such opportunity!

Here’s all the info on the process….

What You Need To Know


1st July 2015: Nominations open

31st July 2015: Nominations close

Mid-August 2015: Finalists will be announced (once all public votes have been verified)

Saturday, 12th September 2015 (18:30): UK Podcasters Awards – Midland Hotel, Manchester, UK



To nominate the podcast simply go to and click on the big red button!

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Then simply enter your name and email address OR sign in with Google+ or Facebook and you will be sent an email to confirm that you are a sneaky robot trying to fix the process. Once confirmed you’ve helped us get one step closer to winning our first award!

Even better, you can nominate us daily! Each nomination helps us show the judges just how passionate you guys are about the podcast and helps us show we’re an active, engaged show. It takes 30 seconds to vote and you aren’t added to 6 million mailing lists so you can be safe in sharing your details.

After nominations are closed

There are 16 categories in the UK Podcast Directory. Each podcast that is submitted to the directory is allowed to select only one category to be listed in. At the nominations stage, we are looking for people to vote for any podcast in any category. After the nominations period ends, we will select the top 3 podcasts from each of those categories.

If there are less than 3 podcasts in any given category, then that category will not be eligible for an award. However, that does not mean that the top nominated podcast in that category will not be eligible for an award, because we’re giving out a couple of awards that recognise podcasters across all categories:

  • Most Engaged Audience
  • UK Podcaster of the Year

There will also be an International Podcaster award, and those nominating a UK podcast can also nominate any international podcast at the same time.

These nominations will help to narrow down the awards categories. Once that has been determined, we will create shortlisted categories.

Deciding who wins

The final decision will be based 50% on the public nominations and 50% on the judgement of an independent jury.


So once again thank you for helping us with this process, we’re dedicated to the show and we hope that you guys enjoy us enough to show your love or appreciation. 🙂

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