Episode 17 of The Final Lap Podcast is online!

Running late but sounding…. not so great. Apologies for the poor quality audio on this weeks podcast from my side, it was recorded in a hotel on the fly so we couldn’t check the set up before hand.

Episode 17 of The Final Lap is now live, join us for another episode of F1 related nonsense ready for you to stream, download and subscribe to on Itunes!


This week we finish off the favourites in F1 topics we didn’tt cover before and read the riot act on the dubious looking noses on the 2014 crop of cars we had seen so far.

As always we’d love you to share the episode with your friends and leave any comments below.

[mp3-jplayer Tracks="The Final Lap Episode 17.mp3" Title="Final Lap Ep17" Style="noscreen"]

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