The Last Lap Podcast – Season 6 – Ep 6 – #F1Banter – Banter voice activated!

Welcome everybody to the third episode of #F1Banter, part of the new look scheduling for The Last Lap Podcast!

#F1Banter is the show where we and our guests can talk about any aspect of F1, whether that’s a particular incident from a race, general F1 news or a specific topic that has the F1 world talking. Whatever F1 thinks is happening we’ll be talking about it.

This episode Sean and Andy tackle a question sent in from a listener that will make you question EVERTYHING! They also look at the upcoming regulation changes for 2019 and talk about how really benefits.

We also discuss our fantasy F1 surprise return! More importantly we want YOU to tweet us @lastlappodcast and let us know who you want back in F1 and which seat they should get!

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