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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 4 – Ep 8 – European GP

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You scratch my Baku and I’ll scratch yours. Or perhaps not in this case as the promise of a Monaco style street circuit turned into more of a lesson in IT Call Centre diplomacy than an all out fight through the streets of Azerbaijan. Find out what Andy, Sean and Scott made of it all on the latest episode of The Last Lap Podcast!

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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 4 – Ep 3 – Bahrain GP

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After finishing on somewhat of a high note after qualy in the last race we moved on to a track not so famous for great racing with the terrible qualy intact. What would this race bring? More great racing or more tired processions in the desert? Join Sean and Andy as they delve in the murky waters of F1 2016.

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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 4 – Ep1 – F1 2016 Season Preview

A new season begins and with it the 4th series of the Last Lap Podcast. Andy and Sean return once again to provide comment and content on the wacky racing series of Formula one. This episode we preview the upcoming season including the new rules and regulations, each teams winter testing situation and the driver pairing for the upcoming season.

So whether you’re a died in the wool McLaren fan, a total Romain Grosjean nut, A Vettel loving Sucderia-head or even someone pining for the disappearance of Pastor Maldonado we’ve got you covered!


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