The Last Lap Season 2 Episode 18 – USA/Brazil GP 2014 Review

Season 2 Episode 18 of The Last Lap is now live, join us for the 18th episode of the 2014 season! Ready for you to stream, download and subscribe to on Itunes and TuneIn!!

The seventeenth and eighteenth grand prix of the season took us back to familiar curves and hills of Austin, Texas as well as the classic Interlagos circuit in downtown Rio. As we now head to the last race of the season the with the championship poised for an almighty showdown Sean Gray and Andrew Pearson look back at two races that swang back and forth as to who might head into Abu Dhabi as favourite for the WDC

Tune in for a quick fire, no nonses episode covering two GP’s and the two hottest topics in F1 today!

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