The Last Lap Season 2 Episode 17 – Russian GP Review/USA GP 2014 Preview

Season 2 Episode 17 of The Last Lap is now live, join us for the 17th episode of the 2014 season! Ready for you to stream, download and subscribe to on Itunes and TuneIn!!

The Sixteenth grand prix of the season took us for the first time to the streets of Sochi. Vladimir Putin made several appearances through the weekend but even the iron fisted premier couldn’t force the race to be anything less than flat. Still we went into the weekend hoping for some more seismic shake ups to the world championship picture, whether that was first and second or in the constructors.

Listen to what Sean and I made of the weekend, all the latest news in F1 plus a look ahead to the next race in Austin, Texas…. Yeehaw!!

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