The Last Lap Podcast – Season 3 – Ep 8 – Canada

Welcome new and old listeners to Season 3 of The Last Lap Podcast! Join Andrew Pearson and Sean Gray as they take you through the 2015 season in Formula One. As always the boys will be reviewing each race, discussing all the latest news on and off track and will be inviting guests onto the show to give their thoughts on F1 in all its guises.

Season 3 Episode 8 of The Last Lap is now live, join us for the 7th episode of the 2015 season! Ready for you to stream, download and subscribe to on Itunes and TuneIn! Remember to leave a review or rate us and help the podcast grow!!

Look, it’s wasn’t a great race but we tried our damnedest to make the latest epsiode as positive as possible. So we concentrate on things like how good the Mercedes is, how good the Lotus was and how they improves, Massa and Vettel’s climb up the grid…. and then we complained about F1.

So, you know, be nice. We really tried…. really. 🙂

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