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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 4 – Ep 15 – Itlalian GP

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Classic Track but could the race live up to the history? Would Mercedes make it a cakewalk or coulf Ferrari mount a serious challenge. Would Williams take back 4th place from Force India? Who was making surprise annoucements and who’s future in F1 looks bright?

Find out with Andy and Sean in our latest episode!

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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 4 – Ep 11 – Hungarian GP

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Insert witty pun here…. Sorry, not sure I have anything after the Hungarian grand prix. Look, It’s late, the FIA keep changing the rules, twitter is still talking about yellow flags and it’s nearly time for Germany. Take a listen to what we made of the most interesting bits of the grand prix.

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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 4 – Ep 8 – European GP

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You scratch my Baku and I’ll scratch yours. Or perhaps not in this case as the promise of a Monaco style street circuit turned into more of a lesson in IT Call Centre diplomacy than an all out fight through the streets of Azerbaijan. Find out what Andy, Sean and Scott made of it all on the latest episode of The Last Lap Podcast!

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