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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 4 – Ep 12 – German GP

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Would it be a case of Deutschland uber alles in Hockenheim or could a plucky Englishman take the fight to the…. Ok, lets stop with the war analogies. Sean and Andy take a look at the German GP as F1 heads into its traditional mid-season break. Could Nico bounce back after 3 defeats? Would Lewis make it 4 in a row? Who was best of the rest? Find out in the latest episode!

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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 4 – Ep 3 – Bahrain GP

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After finishing on somewhat of a high note after qualy in the last race we moved on to a track not so famous for great racing with the terrible qualy intact. What would this race bring? More great racing or more tired processions in the desert? Join Sean and Andy as they delve in the murky waters of F1 2016.

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