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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 6 – Ep 1 – Australian Grand Prix 2018 Review


The first Grand Prix of the 2018 season is over and that means it is the return of the Last Lap Podcast! A new revised format this means you’ll get a short 30-40 minute race review after each race plus more episodes covering specific topics or just general discussions on Formula One.

We’ll also be trying to get more guest co-hosts on the show to compliment Sean and Andy’s opinions and bring some diversity into the show. Starting this week with Nicky Haldenby from Lights Out Blog!

So join the guys as we tackle the most important issues stemming from the Grand Prix, who has impressed from the rookies and that “controversial” virtual safety car.


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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 5 – Ep 2 – Australian GP 2017 Review

So the talking and testing was done, the cars lined up on the grid for the first race proper of the season. Join Sean and Andy as they take a look at the season opening Australian Grand Prix from Albert Park. What did the twosome make of the title battle? Who in the midfield was out to impress? Who looks to be having an uphill battle already?

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