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Why Mercedes are killing the sport but it’s not their fault

After a largely forgettable Australian Grand Prix the stand out fact we were left with was that this season is pretty much a lock for the Mercedes team. Any slim hope the likes of Williams and Ferrri had that perhaps the German Juggernaut might have been within reach were dashed as the team eased their way to a 30+ second victory over next best Sebastian Vettel.

Shortly there after  Dietrich Mateschitz was quoted as saying that Red Bull were considering an exit strategy from formula one if the financial and marketing sums didn’t add up, though it should be noted he tends to say this every year even when winning. Read Full Post…

The Last Lap Podcast – Season 3 Season Preview – Ep 1

Welcome new and old listeners to Season 3 of The Last Lap Podcast! Join Andrew Pearson and Sean Gray as they take you through the 2015 season in Formula One. As always the boys will be reviewing each race, discussing all the latest news on and off track and will be inviting guests onto the show to give their thoughts on F1 in all its guises.

Season 3 Episode 1 of The Last Lap is now live, join us for the 1st episode of the 2015 season! Ready for you to stream, download and subscribe to on Itunes and TuneIn!!



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