The Last Lap Podcast – Season 5 – Ep 7 – Monaco/Canada 2017 Review



A mixed fortnight for F1 as we had an uneventful Monaco Grand Prix followed by a scintillating Canadian Grand Prix. Thankfully we balanced this episode in favour of the latter so it’s a nice and positive podcast for all you lucky F1 fans.

So dive right in to this double header.

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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 5 – Ep 6 – Spanish GP REview


Hey we’re of to sunny Spain (or possibly Spa if you believe Sean) as we return to Barcelona for the fifth race of the season. With a circuit noted for not being engine reliant would we see a shake up in fortunes or would it still be a Ferrari/Mercedes battle at the front?

Join Andy and Sean as they talk all things Espange , discuss how the VSC should work, Who’s propping up the field and may need to be looking over their shoulder plus all the action that took place on Thursday in Monaco.

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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 5 – Ep 5 – Russia 2017 GP Review

The coastal location offered plenty of specactular camera shots but not too much on track action as F1 returned to Sochi. Withe the Olympic flame a distant memory but a burning hot race already beginning for the F1 championship it turned into a race of first corner action and pit stop strategy.

Join Andy, Sean and Nicky Haldenby from the Lights Out Blog as they talk all things Russia, discuss who’s already looking good on the pre-season predictions, the point of hard tyres these days, refuelling, Alonso’s Indy 500 bid and one journalists reaction to it and also should the British rich sportsman list probably contain British people and people who live in Britain…

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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 5 – Ep 4 – Bahrain 2017 GP Review


The shifting sands of Bahrain beckoned as F1 returned to the desert only a few months of from an exhilarating title decider in Abu Dhabi. Could the flat expanse of Bahrain in it’s new twilight race configuration throw up another twist in the already unpredictable season?

Join Andy and Sean as they talk all things Bahrain, discuss what exactly is wrong with the Super Soft tyres, why drivers do silly things, how scary IndyCar Pit stops are and end on a bang… literally!

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The Last Lap Podcast – Season 5 – Ep 3 – China GP 2017 Review

F1 returns to the stunning straights for the Chinese grand prix with F1 buzzing from a Ferrari win in Australia. Thoughts begin to wander to a season with 2 teams fighting for the title for the first time in a few years. Join Andy and Sean as they talk through the race and the stunning annoucement coming from McLaren regarding Fernando’s future this season.

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